4 Simple Tips for Effectively Dusting

If your home is being overcome with dust, it can be a real nuisance. Dust comes from all sorts of sources — dry skin, pet dander, smoke ash, and so on — all of which can quickly build up a thick film on your furniture if you don’t keep up with your dusting.

Most people find dusting to be dull and tedious work, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are four simple tips you can use right away to make your dusting more enjoyable and more effective:

1. Use the Right Tools

For nearly all of your dusting, all you need is a fiber duster (or feather duster) and microfiber cloth or some other sort of soft cloth, along with a little water.

Usually, lightly brushing your furniture, wall hangings, lamps, tables and other objects in your home with a fiber duster is all you need to do. You can continue to use it until it starts to leave little trails of dust on the surfaces. That means it’s getting too full of dust, so you can either flip it over and use the other side or take it outside and shake it out.

If a heavier film of dust has formed, use the microfiber cloth that has been dampened with a little water. Using a slightly damp cloths lets you get the dust a little wet. It will then collect on the cloth or fall onto the ground below.

2.  Start High, Go Low

The most efficient way to dust is  to begin at the top of a room and work your way down. This knocks the dust down onto the next surface. If you keep doing this, eventually all the dust will end up on the floor, where it can be vacuumed up at the end of your cleaning.

3. Little Things Count

Don’t gloss over the details. Dust everything in your home, no matter how small. Pick up each item and dust underneath it. Items with intricate parts will occasionally need to be hand-wiped to get the dust completely off them.

4. Go (Dust) Bunny Hunting

Because they get pushed around by the slightest breeze, dust bunnies can hide in lots of out of the way places. Look underneath and behind furniture, especially entertainment centers and TV stands where dust can accumulate on cords and components.

Keeping your home free from dust by following these helpful dusting tips will help it look its best between deeper cleanings from your cleaning service.


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