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Carvalho’s Cleaning services tops them all.

Whatever your reason is in cleaning your office or home, Carvalho’s Cleaning services is always available for you. Just tell us the time and the place and we’ll be there for you. We include rush jobs and emergency cleaning requests.

Are you moving out, moving in, having a big celebration planned in your homes and offices, you can rely on us to deliver the best cleaning results using our latest cleaning implements. We have also the most experienced people to do it and not to mention the cleaning technique we have developed all through the years of our cleaning engagements.

Our main purpose is to provide you a wholesome atmosphere where you can enjoy working or resting or whatever it is that you are doing. A clean place is a comfortable place to be where at. We always keep it that way. You will see, feel and smell the results of our cleaning efforts. We go beyond the cleaning standards that most cleaning services companies even know that exists.

Why your place does stink? It’s because of the presence decaying inducing bacteria. They break down your trash and release the unpleasant fumes in the process. Does removing the trash will also result in eradicating the odor? It will but it’s not enough. The bacteria should be eliminated completely and the byproducts of their activity should be included as well. This is the reason why we have organic sprays hat will kill the remaining bacteria in the container and their remaining residues.

How about the odor that permeates your homes or offices as a result of the bacterial activity? Is this just plain simple odor or does the bacteria have spread all over the place. It’s not the odor alone that you have to deal with. The bacteria have found its way everywhere and may bring disease as they invade your place.

What we do in this case is to include spraying your indoors as well where the odor exists. This is not very difficult to do. We just go around your place and spray it and the problem is solved. Opening the windows will help, but it’s not enough.

Complete cleaning doesn’t end when the eye sees no more dusts and dirt. The nose should also be able to smell it and the touch could feel it. The dust and dirt may not be present anymore, but the viruses and the bacteria may still be lurking around.

The rancid odor in comfort rooms is another example of bacteria breaking down your urine. Using cleaning detergent is very effective in removing the odor and cleaning the place, but we always use the bactericidal spray, not just ordinary air freshener, to clean the place completely.

When you call us in order to clean your place, it means complete cleaning beyond all cleaning standards that you usually experience. We are providing you a new cleaning experience which no other cleaning services Boca Raton can match more so exceed. When it’s a complete cleaning experience you want it’s Carvalho’s Cleaning you need.


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