House General Cleaning Should Be Done During Fall As Well!

House Cleaning Boca Raton autumn special

If there’s such a thing as spring cleaning, I’m sure there’s also a need for a fall cleaning. Or shall we call it pre-Christmas cleaning? I’m sure most of you out there will agree with me. Spring cleaning is great, but right now it’s out of season. However, what we are ready to do right now is to provide you with a House Cleaning Boca Raton autumn special. The weather is nice and perfect for any indoor and outdoor cleaning you might have in mind. With the rain of leaves never seeming to cease, cleaning the outdoors may take more precedence than cleaning the indoors. But what we will discuss here specifically is how to clean your floor.

Carvalho’s cleaning will give your home a House Cleaning Boca Raton style. We won’t be there to clean your house every day, but we’re going to provide you with cleaning tips and aids to help keep your house clean and in order.

With summer behind there are a lot of the just concluded season’s remnants that needs to be taken care of. You can start your spring “offensive” this fall and you’ll have lesser time to clean after winter. You’ll have a perfectly joyous  house this Christmas and even after that. What is the most used parts of the house? We can start there; the receiving room of course. This is the first place indoors where they come in. And it’s the living room’s turn next. Visitors congregate here mostly which makes it the second part of the house with most dirt to clean. Stripping the floor will be an ideal way to start. What I mean here is not removing the floor but rather uprooting the deepest seated dirt up to the floor core. The same process may be repeated in the dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms. The dirt is eliminated by applying a stripping chemical on the floor. We use green chemicals, none of those poisonous sorts. No dirt can survive this type of cleaning. All the dusts, animal hair, and grimes are one hundred percent eradicated. Afterwards the floor is mopped dry and allowed to dry some more until no wet area remains. Wax is applied next and polished off with a floor polisher. Then the entire floor area is vacuumed to remove all the dust or dirt remains. A sealant is applied over the waxed and polished floor to give the shine more permanence and a longer lasting effect. It also protects the floor from dirt getting embedded.

After our House Cleaning Boca Raton  Service is done doing this, all you will have to do is mop the floor regularly to maintain the shine and cleanliness.

You can also use the vacuum cleaner from time to time to restore the shine and cleanliness of the floor. Cleaning will be easier since the floor is now fully protected. This is one of our House Cleaning Boca Raton techniques that will make floor cleaning much easier. You don’t have to exert much effort just to get the shine and cleanliness that you may want to have from your floors.


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