House Cleaning Fort Lauderdale: The Baby’s Room

babyKeeping your baby’s room clean can sometimes be challenging, especially to a first-time mother. Not only are there dirty diapers and soiled bedding to deal with, but it’s also important to protect our baby’s still developing immune system against infection.

Be Prepared

For younger children, set up a diaper changing station that can help you contain the germs, odors, and dirty diapers.

Keep a sanitation supply area within arm’s reach that contains antibacterial gel and paper towels so you can clean your hands before and after changing your baby’s diaper.

There also needs to be a reliable diaper disposal system that seals in odors and wastes and helps control the spread of germs within your nursery. It’s also a good idea to keep a separate hamper for heavily soiled bedding and clothing, which need to be washed separately in hot water to keep bacteria from spreading to the rest of your laundry.

Daily Disinfecting

To help control the spread of germs, make it a part of your daily routine to clean areas of your nursery which can attract bacteria and other germs.

Use sanitary wipes on door handles, crib rails and changing tables daily. Empty diaper pails and laundry hampers and spray them with a disinfectant spray each morning.

Make sure you keep all cleaning supplies secure and out of reach so your baby can’t get at them.

Crib Bedding

Change the bedding in your baby’s crib at least once per week — or more often if there are frequent “accidents”. Unseen bacteria from saliva, diaper leaks, and other sources can grow uncontrolled, leading to skin rashes, allergies, and other health issues if you aren’t careful.

It’s also a good idea to sanitize your children’s toys frequently, especially when they are teething and more likely to put them in their mouth. Wipe each toy carefully with a disinfectant then rinse them in warm water or with a wet cloth.



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