House Cleaning Fort Lauderdale: Bringing Up Baby

Baby on a blue blanketBabies are one of the most wonderful additions to any family. Having a new baby in your home is one of life’s greatest joys.

But accommodating your house cleaning while taking care of an infant at the same time can be challenging. Fortunately, we’ve worked with new parents many, many times so we know how to deal with new babies and their parents.

Here are few tips to help ease the transition to having a new baby in your home.

Scheduled Cleanings

While our housekeepers can work as quietly as possible so as not to wake up your sleeping baby, just having strange people in your home is enough to throw your baby’s sleep schedule out of whack. Often, infants can sense when something is different in their environment.

That’s why it’s important to schedule your house cleaning at a time when you know your baby will ordinarily be awake, or when the infant will be out of the home.

The last thing our cleaning professionals want to do is to disturb your baby. Calling us ahead of time and letting us know when is the best time for you can help ensure you and your baby both get your much-needed rest.

Special Cleaning Instructions

While newborns don’t do spend a lot of time out of their cribs, more mature babies who are learning to crawl or even walk are frequently at ground level.

That’s why our cleaning professionals will take extra precautions to make sure floors and furniture at your baby’s level are cleaned with baby-safe cleaning products.

Plus, we can make sure to double check under tables, chairs and other objects for potential hazards so you can be sure your baby will be safe.

When you introduce a new child into your home, it’s a big change. Call us so we can help ease the transition.


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