How to Keep Your House Plants Clean and Lively

house plantsCleaning your houseplants not only helps your house look cleaner and more lively, but it will also extend the life and health of your plants. It can also help keep insects and other unwanted pests from taking hold in your home.

Tools and Equipment

Cleaning houseplants is relatively easy. There are several methods that you can use.

If you have visited a gardening supply store, you may have seen houseplant cleaning products. These aren’t really necessary. In fact, in some cases, they can be harmful to your houseplants because they can clog the stomata (pores) located on the underside of leaves that houseplants use to breathe.

A more effective method is to use cheesecloth or a damp paper towel to rub or lightly dust their leaves. For tougher stains, use water diluted very thinly with dishwashing liquid sprayed from a spray bottle.

Shower to Shower

Another method is to put your houseplants in the shower under a spray of lukewarm water. This will remove residue from leaves, create humidity that plants like, and give your houseplants a drink at the same time.

Showering is not recommended for plants with furry leaves. Instead, these should be cleaned by light dusting and misting with water.

Use Care While Cleaning

Cleaning houseplants thoroughly requires paying attention to both the tops and bottoms of the leaves, as well as the stems, stalks and roots.

First, remove any dead foliage that has dropped into the soil or dead leaves still on the plant. These can be a breeding ground for pests and disease.

After spritzing the plants with water, gently and carefully shake them to remove excess moisture and allow them to air dry. It’s not a good idea to put younger plants directly in the sunlight while the liquid evaporates. Instead, let them dry naturally.


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