How Spring Cleaning Should Be Done!

How Spring Cleaning Should Be Done!

House Cleaning Boca Raton spring cleaning

It’s important to have your house cleaned and one way of doing it is during spring season. After that, it’s going to be a continuing affair. Spring cleaning is considered the mother of all cleaning. Cleaning is always an on-going process.

House Cleaning Boca Raton by Carvalhos Cleaning has included several techniques in spring cleaning your homes.

The cabinets will get the first shot. We will spray every inside, using inorganic chemicals in order to kill all bacteria and viruses which may have started to grow due to the damp conditions brought about by the cold season. This is the best situation for them to multiply.

Your cabinets will be thoroughly cleaned from both microscopic and macroscopic organisms. It’s going to be one of the safest and cleanest parts of the house. The cabinets hold your clothes, linens, towels, plates, utensils, cooking ware, canned goods, packed foods and more. It’s just right to have them cleaned thoroughly.

Next follows the countertops. This is your workstation the place where you prepare your foods. We will also see to it that it’s cleaned well. We make it pathogen-free. We might use cleaning chemicals during our visits, but soap and water will suffice if you do your counter-top cleansing. Don’t forget to wash it after every use. Crawling insects like cockroaches has very keen sense of smell and whatever food remnants that stick to the surface would be enough to keep them living for several days!

Your floor is one of the most important parts of the house that needs cleaning. It’s where everything ends up. All the dust, pet’s hair, pet urine, pet stools, food scraps, and other kinds of dirt fall on it. It’s the biggest part of the home that needs cleaning.

Some parts are under the table, chair, bed and other furniture. Cleaning floors requires expertise. Cleaning only the surfaces that are visible won’t be enough. Every inch of it should be thoroughly cleaned! Your carpets and curtains will need washing too.

Your windows will get cleaning as well. Dust will stick to them and the virus and bacteria with it. We can go on mentioning the things to be cleaned to keep your house safe and healthy for you and your family!

Just let our Carvalho’s House Cleaning Boca Raton technician’s loose inside your home and we will do the cleaning instead of just talking. Cleaning is what we do best.

It’s going to be a massive cleanup drive involving all kinds of cleaning equipment. Vacuum cleaners, floor polisher, pressure cleaners, mops, and all cleaning paraphernalia will be utilized. Every nook, cranny will be cleaned nothing will be spared.


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