Keeping Your Home Clean Between Visits

Keeping Your Home Clean Between Visits

When the cleaning professionals at Carvalho’s Cleaning are through cleaning your home, it will be a sparkling, clean showcase that you can be proud to show off to your friends and neighbors. But what about in between cleanings?

Every day between visits from your housecleaners, the dirt and mess in your home will build up. So how can you ensure your home is neat and clean in the interim between your scheduled cleaning sessions? Here are some ideas.

Do a Little Every Day

No one expects you to conduct a thorough cleaning of your home daily, weekly, or even occasionally. That’s what Carvalho’s Cleaning is for. But you can minimize the mess by doing just a little bit of tidying up every morning, every evening before bed, or whenever it is convenient for you.

Simply get into the habit of picking up stray items, emptying trash cans, or starting a load of dirty laundry at the same time every day and you can ensure your house will be tidy and presentable every day of the week, not just on the days of your scheduled cleaning.

Get Everybody Involved

Nobody says you are the only person responsible for keeping your house clean between cleanings by the professionals at Carvalho’s Cleaning. Everybody who lives in your home shares the burden of keeping it clean and sanitary.

Get your significant other and your kids involved. Tell them to temporarily put down their screens or turn off the big game and help you do something positive for your family’s home. Assign weekly chores they can perform, such as emptying garbage cans, dusting, sweeping, or running the vacuum.

Put together “family time” during which every member of your clan pitches in to keep your house clean between visits from Carvalho’s Cleaning. Not only will it help maintain your cleaning standards, but it also can be a fun way to spend time together doing something that benefits everybody.


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