How to Do More Laundry in Less Time

If it seems as if you are cleaning laundry every day, you probably aren’t being as efficient as you can with your laundering.

Here are 7 simple tricks to help you do more laundry cleaning in less time.

1. Limit You Laundry Days — Schedule one or two days per week for doing laundry cleaning, then give your washing machine a rest on the other days. When you wash only one or two days per week, it can be more efficient in sorting your laundry — whites with whites, colors with colors, bath towels together, and so on.  Your washer and dryer will keep busy on laundry day without lag time between loads, saving you time throughout the rest of the week.

2. Sort as You Go — During the week, sort your dirty laundry into different loads. Keep a separate laundry basket for collecting whites and colors, for example. This will speed things up on laundry day because all your loads already will be sorted.

3. Pre-Treat Stains Ahead of Time — When you stain an article of clothing with coffee, wine, blood or another substance, treat the stain with a fabric-safe pre-treater days before you wash so it has more than enough time to attack the stain. This will save time on laundry day because you won’t have to stop everything to try to fight the stain.

4. Use Shorter Wash Cycles — Most washers come with multiple wash cycles. Choose the shortest one so you can speed through laundry loads more quickly. There’s no benefit to over-washing clothes. A better plan is the use the hottest water that is safe for the fabric so you don’t have to rewash.

5. Double the Spin Cycle — To save time in the dryer, spin your clothes a second time in the washer before transferring them to the dryer. This removes additional moisture, shaving minutes off the drying time.

6. Don’t Overload the Dryer — Putting too much into the dryer will extend how long it takes a load to dry.

7. Skip the Ironing — Remove clothes from the dryer immediately and hang them up to prevent wrinkling.

Following these seven steps will let you get more done in less time so you don’t need to be doing laundry all the time.


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