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Have you ever walked into an office where the trash is overflowing from their trash cans? That’s one sight that would turn off any customer from carrying on with their transaction given that kind of atmosphere.  Whose fault is this, the manager, the janitor, the employees, or the cleaning services? It really depends but whoever isn’t doing their job, it’s the business that will suffer due to a very unwelcoming sight that greets the customers or visitors every time they come to your office. Office cleaning Fort Lauderdale experts can make your office look spotless.

Office cleaning Fort LauderdaleHow about your floor? It may look shiny, but it’s still very dirty? The dirt is still very prominent. Instead of removing them first, they’re waxed over thinking that they’d disappear once the floor polisher is applied.  How about those scratch marks, what are they doing on the floor? What brings them there?

The floor is the biggest part of an office. The floor area determines its size. If the floor is not properly taken care of and cleaned, then the office will really look lousy. Can you imagine your office with a floor like this?

We have a specific way of cleaning your floor to make it look ultra clean and always shiny. Office cleaning Fort Lauderdale  experts have been trained on how to keep your floor well preserved and looking resplendent all the time.

Office cleaning Fort Lauderdale

How do we remove the embedded dirt? The best way to deal with it is to wet the floor first by mopping it using a generous amount of water.  Don’t do this with wooden floors. Then after around 30 minutes when the embedded dirt begins to soften up, we apply the stripping chemical.

Office cleaning Fort LauderdaleAgain, after 30 minutes we use a floor polisher to remove the dirt. None of the dirt will remain. They’re all completely stripped from the floor. Afterwards when the floor is completely dry, not even the slightest moisture, we apply the wax.  For cements, tiles, and natural stones such as marbles, we use water based liquid wax. This will eliminate accidents since the floor won’t be slippery.

We always check our floor polisher. The shell of the husks should not come in contact with the floor. When this happens, it will leave scratch marks on the floor. The husks should also be changed when they’re used up. The floor polisher will come in contact with the floor, which is another reason why the floor gets scratched. Hire office cleaning Fort Lauderdale experts and get your office cleaned.

After polishing the floor, the dusts are vacuumed and then the sealant is applied. The sealant has three purposes. It will shield the floor from dirt, it will extend the effect of the wax, and it will make cleaning the floor very easy.

How come we know this and most of our competitors’ don’t. We make it a point that we know our job. We are always up to date when it’s about learning the latest in cleaning technology. It’s therefore not surprising that Carvalho’s Cleaning is #1 if what you’re looking for is the best in office cleaning Fort Lauderdale, and we have the most reasonable cleaning charges too.

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