Best Techniques for Cleaning Up Pet Hair from Furniture

As a professional cleaning service, we see a lot of homes that have dogs and cats. Having a pet often means having a lot of pet hair to clean up around the house. And no matter how vigilant you are about removing it, there always seems to be more!

One solution is to have all leather furniture. The smooth surface makes cleaning up pet hair as easy as giving it a good wipe.

But not everybody can afford expensive leather furniture. Plus, the wear and tear caused by your pet’s claws can reduce the life expectancy of leather in a pet-friendly household.

Cleaning Cloth Furniture

For cloth furniture, pet hair tends to stick to it during months where the air is dry, such as in mid-winter. That’s because static electricity causes annoying pet hair to bond to the furniture more tightly.

You can remove most pet hair from upholstery and fabric by using a pair of ordinary household rubber gloves that have been dampened. Simply fun your hand over the surface of the furniture. The moisture — combined with the static electricity charge — will cause most of the pet hair to adhere to the gloves.

Then simply rinse off the gloves once they become covered wth hair and repeat as much as necessary. If you don’t have a pair of rubber gloves, a slightly damp sponge will give you the same results.

Another method is to spray a mixture of water and fabric softener onto our upholstered furniture then using a clean rag to wipe the pet hair off.

Removing Pet Hair from Wood Furniture

For wooden furniture, use a soft cloth and furniture polish. Or buy and anti-static dusting spray that eliminates the electrical charge, making removal of pet  hair easier and reducing the chances of more hair sticking to it.

You also can cover your furniture with a fitted sheet or drop cloth. When it becomes embedded with pet hair, simply replace it with a clean sheet and wash it in your washer.



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