Top 10 No-Cost Ways to Create a Healthier Home

Top 10 No-Cost Ways to Create a Healthier Home

Your health can be directly related to the health of your home! Sounds crazy? Well, just think about how much time you spend in your home, cooking meals throughout the day, sleeping at night, and relaxing on the weekends. Your home is full of products that you use on a daily basis, from hand soap to laundry detergent. Your indoor air is full of bits of particles from every material that your home is made of. Your home is not just a structure – it is your very foundation for health.

Top 10 No-Cost Ways to Create a Healthier Home

1- Open your windows and doors. Fresh air from outside will push air polluted with chemicals, allergens, and mold out of your home.

2- Harness the power of the sun. The harsh heat of direct sunlight effectively kills dust mites that live in bedding and upholstery and can cause indoor allergies.

3- Know what is in your water. Each year community water systems must tell you what pollutants, if any, are in your drinking and bath water so you can know what you are exposed to.

4- Reposition your furniture. Move beds and others pieces of furniture on which you spend a lot of time away from electrical power boxes and other places with high Electric and Magnetic Field(EMF).

5- Vacuum and sweep regularly. Dust, dirt, allergens, and chemicals settle from the air into your floor each day, so removing them removes your exposure to the offenders.

6- Kill germs with just soap and water. Viruses, bacteria, and other nasty germs are most effectively killed using simple ingredients instead of hand sanitizes or other harsh chemicals.

7- Clean with ingredients already in your home. Nontoxic food-based ingredients such as vinegar, as well as a common medicine cabinet ingredient such as hydrogen peroxide, can kill germs and remove grime without toxic exposures.

8- Pull weeds and rake leaves. Eliminate the health hazards of yard work by reducing your use of chemical-based lawn products and the toxic fumes of gas-powered lawn equipment.

9- Eliminate and prevent mold. Clean visible mold with detergent and water, and prevent molds from developing by drying spills and leaks as soon as possible.

10- Use a comb and soapy water to kill fleas. Flea-killing products used on your pets and around your home are pesticides that can expose your entire family to unnecessary chemicals.

Happy healthier life with these Top 10 No-Cost Ways to Create a Healthier Home!!!

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