‘When’s the Best Time to Schedule Your House Cleaning?’

cleaning kitchenWhen most of our clients sign up for our house cleaning service, one of the first questions they usually have is what time we are coming.

The answer depends on a lot of different factors, including whether you prefer to be home or away while our cleaning crew is working in your home, what are the schedules of other people living in your home, and even if you have pets.

A Standard, Reliable and Predictable Schedule

Generally, most of our clients prefer that our cleaners come the same time and day every time. That makes it easier to plan around the cleaning of your home.

But if you ever want to change the scheduled time for your cleaning or add additional cleaning visits because of an upcoming event or last-minute need, we will always try to accommodate every request as much as possible.

Some of our clients prefer that we arrive first thing in the morning. That’s the time that most of the other people living in the home are either at work or school.

Many of our commercial clients prefer that we clean after hours so that we can access the entire office space when nobody else is around.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Being Home 

Usually, most homeowners prefer to remain at home at least for the initial cleaning session. That’s so they can be assured that our highly skilled cleaning technicians are performing up to their standards and to provide any special instructions that may be required for their particular home.

After this initial observation, many homeowners prefer to not be home when we clean. That’s because our crews usually are composed of multiple team members who work fast. When homeowners are in the residence, they often move from room to room simply to keep out oftheir way.



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