Bathrooms The Best Way to Start and End Your Day


Bathrooms The Best Way to Start and End Your Day

Products, potions, pills and lotions: The modern bathroomis utilitarian, to be sure, but it has evolved to be much more than that. Organize it right and even the busiest bathroom can be a retreat and haven. Morning and evening rituals performed in a clutter-free environment will have a calming effect – the best way to start and end your day.

Bathrooms The Best Way to Start and End Your Day

If there is one room of the house where your body seems to be most intimately exposed to chemicals, it’s the bathroom. Stripping down to your birthday suit to get clean, as well as the other common activities of the bathroom, leaves your body extremely vulnerable to the produts and items that you use. For true healthy habits and a genuine sense of clean, a few simple changes are all it takes.

Some tips for you having a healthy bathroom

  • Do not purchase vinyl or PVC shower curtains or liners. One of the biggest sources of indoor air pollution in your bathroom is the vinyl shower curtain, which can release more than 100 pollutants. PVC-free shower liners are easily available and do not cost much more than vinyl ones.
  • Use a shower filter. Just like your tap water, your shower water can contain pollutants that you might not want to expose your body to, especially in the steam of a hot shower. Filter your shower water just like your tap water.
  • Avoid towels with antimicrobial or permanent press finishes. Don’t wipe off with a towel only to be exposed to residues of germ-killing chemicals or formaldehyde resins.
  • Use PEVA or EVA plastic shower curtains and liners, or ones made of cloth. Avoid the problems with vinyl shower curtains by choosing a less-toxic plastic or a fabric alternative.
  • Check your bath mat periodically for mold growth. Black spots underneath your bath mat can be mold, which rapidly accumulates on this item that is often left damp.
  • Use toilet paper with as few additives as possible. Prevent skin reactions to chemical additives by choosing toilet paper that is as unaltered as possible.
  • Periodically check your medicine cabinet for expired products. It is often easy to forget how much time has gone by since you purchased a product, but expired products can lose their effectiveness or be unsafe.
  • Toss cosmetic items that have been opened for longer than the suggested “use by” time frames. Bacterial growth can occur in products after a certain time frame, when the preservatives in the item are no longer effective.
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