Whether you need a deep, extensive move-in/move- out clean or routine house cleaning services on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, we guarantee each clean will be done to your satisfaction.

With ourGUARANTEE, if you are not completely satisfied with your residential or commercial cleaning services, please contact us within 24 hours so that we may make arrangements to re-clean whatever is in question at no additional charge. We will do whatever we can to give you an honest and fair resolution to any problem.

We do not skim the surface; we give your home a thorough clean every single time completing our check list.

There's no place like home,
especially when its clean!

The last thing most people want to do when they arrive home from work is housework. After a long workweek, give yourself a well-deserved break. Relax, and let us do the cleaning for you. We are dedicated to making your life easier. You can call us whenever you need service, or schedule time on a regular basis.

You have many choices today when it comes to residential cleaning. You need skilled professionals who are trustworthy and experienced. Cleaning is our business, our only business, and we take great pride in the work we do.

• Full move-out cleaning
• Full move-in cleaning
• One-time cleaning
• Open-house cleaning

• Spring cleaning
• New construction and remodel cleaning
• Deep or light cleaning
• Before and after party

All Rooms

Pick up and straighten

Dust ceiling fans reachable, lamps reachable, chandelier/light fixtures reachable

Dust furniture, shelves, baseboards, windows sills and ledges

Remove cobwebs

Vacuum and wash all floors and dry wood floors

Vacuum furniture, including under any cushions

Vacuum carpets an under any furniture

Change linens, make beds

Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets


Clean outside of appliances, counters, cabinets, tables and chairs

Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks

Clean and sanitize countertops and back splashes

Clean the range top including all knobs and displays

Clean microwave oven inside and out

Load dishwasher

Vacuum and wash floor


Cleaning, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs and sinks

Clean and sanitize vanities, back splashes and toilets

Clean mirrors

Polish chrome

Vacuum and wash floor and tile walls


Productivity soars when dirt disappears!

A clean, fresh smelling office is more inviting to your customers and clients and a more enjoyable place for staff to work.
We know that your time is valuable and a clean office is important to you. That is why we provide fast, reliable commercial cleaning services at affordable prices. You can rely on our supervised team of cleaning professionals to treat your office with care. Because your satisfaction is important to us, our list of services is second to none, and we back up all our work.
Our Office Cleaning Services include:

• Trash Removal;
• Vacuuming;
• Complete Interior Dusting;
• Restroom Cleaning & Sanitizing;
• Window and Glass Cleaning (by request);

• Dispensing Paper Products (by request);
• Stainless Steel Cleaning;
• Floors;
• Outdoor Walkway Sweeping (by request)

Windows Cleaning

Windows invite nature into your home, bringing in sunshine, fresh air and the natural scents of the great outdoors. Sparkling clean, windows add a touch of tasteful elegance to your home, creating a pleasant and hospitable atmosphere.

Our thoroughly trained window cleaning technicians are well prepared to clean your windows. From interior and exterior cleaning of old multi-paned windows to today’s newer dual-paned windows, our window cleaning technicians can handle all of life’s simple pleasures!

• Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning
• Window Screens, Frames, Tracks and Sills Cleaning
• Post Construction Window Cleaning and Paint Removal

• We also clean Skylights, Mirrors, and Solar Panels
• Maintenance and Service Contracts Available

Carpet Cleaning

Complete and comprehensive carpet cleaning and shampooing is just another specialty service we can offer. Our technicians use only state of the art cleaning agents, and focus on removing stains and dirt diligently and safely.

3 Reasons to
Have Office Carpets

Appearance matters for a business. Whether you are trying to impress clients or keep your employees happy, a clean office helps you make a good impression. Hire a professional cleaning service to clean your carpets in order to receive the following benefits:


Improved Morale Professional cleaners use top-quality equipment to get office carpets as clean as possible. When your employees come to work in an office that is fresh-smelling and therefore feel appreciated. Your office will also look great to any clients who happen to come in for a meeting.


Better Air Quality Dirt, pollen, and other allergens can get trapped inside of carpet, aggravating allergies, instigating respiratory problems, and even leading to more serious illnesses. By performing comprehensive cleaning services, professional cleaners can remove these indoor pollutants, improving air quality and keeping employees healthy and productive.


Effective Building Maintenance Regular professional cleaning will extend the life of your office’s carpeting. Vacuuming, deep cleaning, and shampooing are important tasks for maintaining commercial carpet, which is why hiring professional cleaners is a great business investment. A cleaning service’s extensive knowledge of floor cleansing techniques will keep you from having to replace the carpet prematurely or lose your deposit on a rented office space.

Small Spaces

We offer a program designed to service residents of apartments and condominiums. Carvalho’s Cleaning LLC for Small Spaces offers special and customized pricing to groups of residents in the same complex who register for weekly or bi-weekly service.

Vacation, Condominium
& Rentals Cleaning

Cleaning out a vacation or rental property space can be a daunting task. That’s why so many people choose to hire professionals to get this job done. If you own a condominium, upkeep like this is time-consuming and detracts from the time spent completing the work you need to do. Instead, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service.
Carvalho’s Cleaning LLC offer a wide range of cleaning services to suit your needs. We clean a wide variety of locations including vacation, condominium and rental properties. We have years of experience to back up our expansive service list.
As you can see, our cleaning service is quite comprehensive. We have a reputation for getting the job done quickly and efficiently, so you’re certain to be pleased with the results. Once we’re on the job, you’ll see a major difference in your vacation rental property immediately. Don’t leave this job to anyone else.

Green Cleaning

We know it is imperative to provide great cleaning that is also safe.
Our Green products improved cleaning power, only plant derived, renewable resource ingredients, no petroleum based ingredients, reduced aquatic toxicity, reduced human toxicity, improved biodegradability, no detectable VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are typically used to keep fragrances in the air longer but can cause issues for those with allergies and asthma. At Carvalho’s Cleaning LLC, a clean house has cleaner air because we care not only about the planet but also about the people and animals that inhabit it.
Our Green Cleaning products are shipped to us in concentrate form, which means we can lessen our carbon emissions by not shipping water, which is the primary ingredient in ready-to-use products. We dilute products locally and put them in re-usable bottles. This use and re-use of many bottles and sprayers also means less plastic in landfills.

We may also help you doing many others
additional services by request, such as:

• Refrigerators/Freezers/Oven in.
• Windows In and Out.
• Mirrored Walls.
• Wash Fans/Chandelier/Light Fixtures (Reachable).
• Wash Baseboards

• Professional carpet cleaning.
• Laundry in your own place.
• Organize Closets, Shelving, Kitchens and Garages.
• Replace Light Bulbs, A/C Filters, Smoke Alarm Batteries.

You want a service that is not listed above? Contact us here.

Protecting you

Your Protection is Our Top Priority!
We understand that your home is one of your greatest investments because it holds your most treasured effects. We treat your home, your key and your personal belongings with the utmost attentiveness and respect. When you invite Carvalho’s Cleaning LLC into your home we want you to feel confident with your decision.

If you aren’t home during a cleaning we will safeguard your key. All of our team members go through extensive background checks so that you can have peace of mind when opening your home to our team. We value the trust that you place in us.

Carvalho’s Cleaning LLC is also bonded and insured.
Our coverage includes liability and workers compensation. If an incident occurs, you are fully protected.

Our Garantee

Dependable Cleaning Services, Carvalho’s Cleaning LLC Guarantee!

Worry-free service you can count on time and time again. At Carvalho’s Cleaning LLC, we guarantee it. If you are not completely satisfied, we gladly return and re-clean whatever is in question at no additional charge. Just let us know your concerns within one business day after the cleaning. We will work to correct it by returning at the earliest possible moment without a bit of hassle.

Simply put, our goal at Carvalho’s Cleaning LLC is to obtain 100% satisfaction in our service. No fine print. No asterisks. No worries.