Boca Raton Cleaning Services Has What It Takes To Keep Your House in Top Condition!

Boca Raton Cleaning Services

Our business has never stopped growing. Boca Raton Cleaning Services keeps on landing more cleaning jobs every week. We’re not surprised in the least. We’ve been working our butts out and this is the natural consequence, so to speak. But working like a donkey is not what we have in mind. We just don’t go about doing our chores mindlessly. We have certain processes and standards to follow. There are certain procedures to follow when cleaning each part of the house. And this is very crucial if you want your house to be definitely clean in “body & soul”.

What do we mean by that? What you can see may impress you but how about the thing you can’t see? I can wear a well shined pair of boots but my socks may have lots of holes in them. They may have not experienced the intimate touch of water and soap for quite some time already. The rule of what you can’t see won’t harm you does not apply to Boca Raton Cleaning Services. That’s a very dangerous premise for house cleaners to believe. The floors, tables, chairs, chandeliers, and whatever, may look shiny but upon a closer look you’ll notice they’re slimy. Not slimy-slimy, but slimy dirty. Dirt brings germs and germs bring diseases. Diseases make you sick and when you’re sick you can’t work.

Boca Raton Cleaning Services charges reasonable prices

Our prices are very reasonable. Boca Raton Cleaning Services costing is based on our ability to deliver the best cleaning results for you. You’ll find that we are cheaper than most of our competitors. This is because we buy our cleaning materials by bulk and direct from warehouses. Oops, there goes our secret. We pass on our discounts to you and you may say that your house is using cleansing materials which are bodega priced. That’s a lot of savings if I may say so. Don’t gamble your family’s health with ultra low cleaning charges. Using toxic cleaning chemicals is cheaper but we don’t plan to bypass the standard cleaning procedures just to get your business by charging you unreasonably low prices. We at Boca Raton Cleaning Services have a reputation to maintain.

If you’re living in Boca Raton or nearby places, you can inquire about our top notch cleaning services. We worked with Carvalhos Cleaning; the family owned cleaning company that fully knows what real house cleaning is all about. We have enough capital to buy the best cleaning equipment and hire experienced and expert house cleaning personnel. We have a running expense account that’s more than enough to finish the job without asking you to pay this or that so that we can pay our workers even if the work is still going on. You only pay according to agreed arrangements. Boca Raton Cleaning Services is self-sufficient financially.

We are insured at Boca Raton Cleaning Services

We are insured; not only our cleaning technicians but also your home furnishings. If we ever break something or lose something, we will indemnify you for it. But this seldom happens. We check our personnel, both their personal character and experience in handling cleaning tools. Boca Raton Cleaning Services has everything covered for you.


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