Carvalho’s Cleaning Services Every Type of Residential Client

Carvalho's Cleaning Services Every Type of Residential Client


Florida is a unique place to operate a house cleaning company. In other places, the majority of clients would probably be homeowners who want regularly scheduled cleaning services.

While that type of house cleaning accounts for many of our customers, in Florida there are two other types of residential. There are vacation rental homes and vacation homes owned by out of town owners.

Cleaning Vacation Home Rentals

Many of the homes in our region are owned by people or businesses that simply rent them out to other people. In most cases, the owners of these vacation rental homes rarely if ever stay in their own property. Instead, they are rented as frequently as possible to visitors seeking a place to stay in our tropical area.

Vacation homes typically are cleaned before and after visitors use them. Ideally, a vacation home rental is booked so frequently that these two cleanings can be one and the same. When one group leaves, the home is cleaned once right before the new short-term tenants arrive.

In some cases, however, there could be days, weeks, or even months between people staying there. In these instances, two cleanings may be required: One right after the old tenants leave and another right before the new people arrive.

House Cleaning Fort Lauderdale — Vacation Home Owners

Another type of client that is common among Florida house cleaning services are people who own a vacation home that they use only periodically.

When people are on vacation, the last thing they want to have to worry about is cleaning their vacation home as soon as they arrive. Instead, most vacation home owners prefer to walk into a newly cleaned home that is all ready to go.

While cleaning services up north tend to work mostly with homeowners seeking a weekly or bi-weekly house cleaning of their permanent home, Florida cleaning services are accustomed to cleaning vacation home rentals or the vacation homes of people who may live hundreds or even thousands of miles away and visit their properties only intermittently.


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