Choose to Live Healthy and Well

Choose to Live Healthy and Well


Choose to Live Healthy and Well


Have you ever stopped and wondered why everyone seems so sick lately? From soaring obesity, diabetes and asthma rates to increase in allergies and digestive disturbances, the number of people who have some type of medical complaint certainly feels a lot higher than in previous years. And these are not just minor inconveniences, like the common cold. The health problems facing society today are long-term and life-changing, costing billions of dollars each year and causing emotional harm to count-less families.

While there is a great emphasis on eating right and exercising in order to stay healthy and prevent disease, those are not the only answers. Your healthy is not made up entirely of just what you eat or the amount of activity that you get. The places where you work, live and sleep also comprise a large portion of your healthy. Your home, workplace and school can greatly impact your well-being. The quality of air inside these buildings is the very air hat you breathe to stay alive each day. The countless surfaces that you touch from your keyboard to the cutting board, are full of organisms and residues that can end up inside of you. Invisible things like mold and dust mites can be major health offenders. It is time to realize that your home, as well as your homes away from home, are integral pieces of the puzzle of your true health.

When trying to create a healthier home, realize that you do not have to do it all. There will be some suggested options that you know just will not work for you. You might try products that are supposed to be healthier for you, but you just don’t like how they perform. That’s okay. With every positive switch that you do make, you are reducing your exposure to health hazards. Even if you do not make the switch now, know that every day there are more and more new products coming available that help you create a nontoxic life, so maybe you will change your thoughts a few months down the road.

You are in control of your health. No one can force you to live an unhealthy life. With every dollar that you spend and with every choice that you make, you make a statement of what is important to you. With in your mind, you can be empowered to let everyone know that you choose to live healthy and well.

Choose to live healthy and well!!!


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