Cleaning Up After Pets a Full-Time Job

Cleaning Up After Pets a Full-Time Job

Pets bring love and companionship to our hearts but they also can bring a mess to our homes.

Loving our dogs, cats, and other pets is a joy, but it’s also a job cleaning up after them, especially if you have a new puppy.

Limiting Exposure

When dogs are very young — generally less than 8 months — they are at their cutest. But they also need to be potty trained. Puppies who aren’t yet accustomed to going outside to do their business should be limited to which areas of your home that they can go.

Until your puppy is fully trained, it’s a good idea to limit it to a pen lined with newspapers or a room without carpeted floors. Place some “puppy pads” on the floor and keep the door closed or place a gate in the doorway.

Shedding and Dog Dander

Most breeds of dogs shed and it can get worse in the spring and fall. Even dogs that don’t shed, such as poodles, have dog dander that can build up on your floors, furniture, clothing, and other areas.

Since you can’t keep a dog from being a dog, the only solution to dog hair and dog dander is to be persistent. Make a point to run the vacuum or sweep up excess hair regularly otherwise it can build up very quickly especially in corners, along baseboards, and on cloth furniture.

House Cleaning Boca Raton — Dealing with Dog Smell

Many dogs also give off a distinct aroma, especially in homes that aren’t exposed to fresh air. Use air fresheners to counteract these smells so that your home doesn’t develop a dog odor.

It’s also a good idea to open doors and windows regularly, weather permitting, to allow the house to air out.


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