Getting Ready for Your House Cleaners

Ground cleaningOne of the most common questions we get from new clients is, “What do I need to do before the house cleaners arrive at my home?” Our answer is always the same: Nothing!

Our experienced, professional cleaning crews have seen all kinds of houses. So they probably aren’t going to be surprised by the condition of your home. If it’s dirty and messy, that’s why they are there!

Personal Preparations

That’s not to say you can’t prepare your home before the professionals from Carvalho’s Cleaning arrive if you want. We have plenty of clients who prefer to take steps to straighten up before their home is professionally cleaned. Some may simply tidy up a little bit. Or they might make their beds. Others will actually give their homes a more comprehensive cleaning.

If you want to prepare your home, go right ahead. Just understand that it’s not necessary. Whatever condition your home is in, our teams of professional cleaners will go to work setting it right. In fact, that’s what we love doing most.

Confidence and Reliability

We don’t care if your home is a mess. While you may be self-conscious about the condition of your house, you don’t have to be. We don’t judge. Nor will we ever talk about your house with anybody else. Our service is confidential.

Instead, we simply provide comprehensive, professional, and detailed house cleaning services for your home. If there are any specialized instructions — such as rooms you want us to stay away from or if you don’t want us to make beds, for example — simply let us know ahead of time. We will be more than happy to accommodate any request you may have.

So if you want to get ready for your cleaners, go right ahead. Or if you simply want to let us do all of the cleanings for you, that’s perfectly fine with us. We’re here to serve you!



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