House Cleaning Fort Lauderdale – Getting Rid of Sand

House Cleaning Fort Lauderdale -  Getting Rid of Sand


One of the best things about living in Florida is that you are always within an hour’s drive or so from the beach.

In Fort Lauderdale, one of the world’s best beaches is literally at our doorstep. So it’s not unusual for residents to spend at least a few hours at or near the beach just about every week during the summer.

Beach living is a lifestyle. Not only is it relaxing and fun, but it’s also healthy. People who know how to relax at the beach often live more fulfilling, satisfied lives.

 Sand Issues

At Carvalho’s Cleaning, we love the beach as much as you do. But we don’t love one of the dirty downsides of spending the day at the beach: Dealing with the sand.

Sand can easily get tracked throughout your house after a visit to the beach. It gets on your shoes or sandals, between your toes, and even into your clothes. From there, it can make its way onto your floors, into your rugs, and on your furniture.

Getting rid of sand isn’t complicated. It vacuums up pretty easily. But if it is not dealt with right away, sand can get into the out of the way places inside your home, attracting more dirt and making your health look and feel dirtier.

House Cleaning Fort Lauderdale — Taking Sand Precautions

We don’t mind cleaning up sand. In Florida, dealing with sand comes with the job for professional house cleaners.

But you can reduce or even eliminate the amount of sand that gets tracked into your home by following a few simple precautions.

First, take off your shoes or sandals before entering your home after a day at the beach. If you have an outside shower or hose, rinse off your feet and legs.

Shake out any beach bags, towels, or other items that may contain sand. This will help reduce the amount of sand that can get into your home, making it look and feel cleaner.


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