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House Cleaning Services!

house cleaning services

You’re planning for a big party and you want to hold it in your house. Having it in hotels and other venues is too expensive if you ask me. You might as well put your home to good use. You can hire a party planner to set things up for you. When you have the catering services, beverage suppliers, lower decorations, the setting arrangements, and so on prepared, you’re ready; or are you? How about cleaning the house? Have you contacted house cleaning services?

A little dust here and there is not acceptable, most especially for you. You want a perfect party and dirt is one thing that can spoil it. If your residence is somewhere in Fort Lauderdale or its vicinities, we can help you with your house cleaning with par excellent results. We represent Carvalho’s Cleaning Services. We’ve been in the business for a dozen years now and our expertise in the field of house cleaning services can be well attested to by our long list of satisfied clients.

For sure you have friends and relatives who may have enjoyed our cleaning business. They will not hesitate to recommend our services, but what exactly can we do for you and your house?

We have all the answers to your house cleaning services need!

There are house cleaners, and then there are good house cleaners. We are neither. We consider ourselves the best in the house cleaning services. First, we have several cleaning packages that you can choose from. We do this to give you the most advantageous deal possible. Different homeowners have different needs and budgets. Check with us on this. Second, we always make sure that nothing bad happens to your things. We are a family run business and we have full control over our operations. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can’t help it when accidents happen. For this reason we are insured. Any damage or loss that may occur during our watch will be compensated.

We also do regular house cleanings. Our several cleaning service packages also cover this. We can set up workable maintenance schedules for your convenience. And most of all, you can choose the best price for your cleaning needs. House cleaning services may be handled by your usual cleaning lady, but we can do even better. Chandeliers, electronic devices, electrical appliances, and other sensitive house equipment need an expert cleaning touch. Our employees are trained to handle these.

Why  should you pick Carvalho’s for your house cleaning services?

We at Carvalho’s are very picky with our workers. We require them to have clearances from health and police departments. We also require from them impeccable references and excellent work experience with regards to house cleaning services. Nothing is left to chance. Our continued strong presence in the cleaning market all this time is a testament to our work ethics and the results that go with it.

For more info about our house cleaning services offerings, please visit our website or give us a call. If you happen to be within our office location, you can also give us a visit for a more complete explanation. We take pride in our job and we see to it that our customers will also take pride in us. Remember the name: Carvalho’s Cleaning Services.


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