Painless Vacuuming Techniques to Reduce Back Pain

When it comes to cleaning houses, businesses, and other spaces, one of the most backbreaking tasks is vacuuming. That's because vacuum cleaners can weigh 10, 20, or even 30 pounds, depending on the size and power of the machine.

When you are pushing a vacuum that heavy for hours at a time, it can quickly take its toll on your body. But professional cleaners know the techniques that can eliminate this stress and help keep your back safe and pain-free even after a full day of pushing a heavy vacuum.

House Cleaning Fort Lauderdale -- Minimize Heavy Lifting

The action that puts the most strain on the back is lifting. Moving, lifting, or pushing heavy objects like furniture or even vacuums can quickly strain the lower back. And when you are going all day, the key is to put as little stress on the back as possible.

Avoid lifting anything that weighs more than few pounds. If something heavy like a couch, chair, or table does need to be moved, get help from somebody else. Don't try to lift, push, or move it yourself.

Vacuums have wheels for a reason. Don't lift the vacuum cleaner if you don't have to. Even though it may not weigh as much a furniture, lifting smaller weights a higher number of times throughout the day can add up to the toll it takes on the lower back.

Make sure the path of the vacuum's wheels are clear from cords and other obstacles so that the machine doesn't constantly have to be lifted over them.

House Cleaning Fort Lauderdale -- Rocking Motion

When vacuuming an area, don't push and pull the vacuum. Instead, use a rocking motion to move the machine back and forth, keeping your back and arms as straight as possible. This rocking motion will minimize the stress put on the muscles in the back and other parts of the body, saving your strength throughout the day.

Vacuum cleaners are heavy. But using these techniques, you can save yourself from stress and pain after a long day of vacuuming.



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