Pet Management with Cleaning Services

header4If you have dogs or other pets, you probably already are aware of how excited they can become when strangers arrive at your doorstep. Barking, jumping and even snapping can sometimes create an unsafe or threatening environment while having your house cleaned.

Having a cleaning crew at your home on a regular basis requires a form of pet management. Regardless of how much you love your pets or how friendly and affectionate they are with you and your family, they often can become protective with people they don’t see all the time.

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The last thing you want is for your dog or other pets to frighten, growl or bark at, or even attack the men and women cleaning your home for you. So it’s a good idea to have a plan in place before your cleaning crew arrives:

1. Create a Safe Haven — Designate an area in your home where your dogs or other pets can stay while your house is being cleaned. This can be a backyard, a locked room, a basement or anywhere else that separates your pets from your cleaning crew.

2. Make It a Comfort Zone — Make sure your pets are safe and comfortable while your house is being cleaned. Don’t leave them outdoors in severe heat or during rough weather. Give them plenty of water and perhaps a blanket in a shaded area where they can lie down.

3. Communicate — Let the cleaning crew know where the pets are being kept so that they don’t accidentally let them back into the common areas. Assure your cleaners that your dogs or other pets are being cared for properly.

By having a pet management plan in place, you can protect both your pets and cleaning services employees from harm or anxiety by providing your pets with a safe, comfortable space they can enjoy as your home is being thoroughly cleaned.



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