The Lessons Learned From Silverware Drawer

The Lessons Learned From Silverware Drawer

The Lessons Learned From Silverware Drawer

The general principles of organizing is easily applicable to anyone. Whether one is born with the tidy gene or not, being organized is a skill that anyone can learn. For some, it requires nothing more than acquiring a new set of habits. For others, it means devising systems to support the way you naturally think and operate.

The Lessons Learned From Silverware Drawer

If  I came to your house and asked you to show me your birth certificate, would you know where to find it? What about a safety pin? Your checkbook? The receipt for your computer? An extension cord? Your 2006 tax returns? Regardless of how many or how few os these you could produce without too much digging, I bet that if I were to ask you for a fork, you would know exactly where to go to get one. Why? Because the system for organizing your flatware demonstrates four organizing principles:

1. Forks are kept with forks.

2. They have a single and consistent home.

3. Everyone in the household is in agreement about it.

4. Forks are put back there after being used (and washed!).

These principles “Lessons From The Silverware Drawer” can – and should - be applied to organizing anything in your home!!!

Keep like things together.

Give everything a home.

Get the whole household on board.

Put things back when you are done.

It’s really that simple!!!

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