For Vacation Rentals, Get Before and After Cleaning

For Vacation Rentals, Get Before and After Cleaning

Snowbird season is in full swing in the Sunshine State. Throughout Florida, visitors from the northern states, Canada, and even the UK are descending on hotels, resorts, and vacation homes to enjoy the warm, summer-like weather all winter long.

If you own a vacation rental, it’s essential that your guests be completely satisfied with their experience from the moment they arrive until they pack their bags to go home. If even one little thing disappoints them, they may post something on social media that could sabotage your reputation and affect future rentals.

One of the most important things for any visitor is cleanliness. Your vacation rental needs to be sparkling clean when they arrive. Otherwise, it could cost you dearly in the future.

Before and After

A standard practice among vacation home owners is to have their rental properties cleaned immediately before guest arrive. This is so visitors can be sure of finding a perfectly clean property when they get there.

If you allow a few days or even a week to pass between the time you have your property cleaned and the time guests arrive, there’s a good chance they will find it dusty or with unpleasant odors. And that’s not going to make them happy.

People who own vacation rental properties also often have them cleaned right after guests leave. This is to clean up messes and ensure that the property is in optimal condition.

House Cleaning Boca Raton — Back to Back Rentals

If you are fortunate enough to have new renters arrive right after the former renters check out, you may be able to have just one deep cleaning done to your property. But in many instances, there is a gap.

Before and after cleaning helps keep your vacation rental property in top condition. Plus, it’s standard to pass the expense for the cleaning along to the renters.


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