Where Did All Your Employees Go?

Where Did All Your Employees Go?When you own a retail business, your employees are hired to sell your products or services. So you shouldn’t be surprised when they balk when you ask them to clean your store as well.

Good salespersons are highly effective at making your business money. So you shouldn’t ask them to do things that are outside of their job description. That’s a good way to lose your best people.

Instead, consider hiring retail cleaners. These are outside contractors who will come in — usually during hours when your business is closed — and thoroughly clean your business so that it is sparkling, shiny, and ready to go when you open your doors for the next sales day.

Don’t Lose Good People

People who work in retail usually are good at making connections with customers. The best can sell ice cubes to Eskimos. So asking them to do mundane tasks like clean your bathroom or mop your floors is justifiably insulting to them.

It’s not that they are above doing routine chores. It’s because that’s not what you hired them to do. And if you didn’t specifically tell them that they would be sharing cleaning duties at your business when you hired them, they probably are going to react negatively when you order them to clean. They may even leave and go to work for your competitors. And then where will you be?

Cleaning Professionals

A better plan is to let your salespeople sell and hire outside professionals to clean your business for you. Not only will they get your business cleaner than amateurs, but they also will help keep your employees happy.

Too many small businesses make the mistake of asking their employees to do too much. Don’t fall into that trap. Let the professional, experienced cleaners at Carvalho’s Cleaning help keep your business both clean and successful.


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