Insider Secrets from House Cleaning Professionals

Did you ever notice that when you try to clean your home on your own it can take you all day to do just one room? But when a professional cleaning service cleans your home, they can do the entire house from top to bottom in just a few hours.

There's a reason for that. The biggest difference is that professional house cleaners clean houses all day every day, while most homeowners only clean their homes once per week, at most.

Another is that professional house cleaners divide and conquer the house cleaning responsibilities.

House Cleaning Fort Lauderdale --  Specialization

While all professional house cleaners are cross-trained to perform every job, most will specialize in one specific area. This might be vacuuming. Or it might be cleaning windows and mirrors. Or it could be dusting or straightening up.

When you do one thing all the time, you get pretty good at it. You also build speed. So if your main job is vacuuming, you may be able to vacuum all the carpets in a large home in one hour, compared to the much longer time it would take the homeowner to do the same job.

House Cleaning Fort Lauderdale -- Having a Game Plan

Professional house cleaners usually have many homes on their list of jobs every day. So they can't afford to spend a lot of time cleaning any single home because it will eat into the time they need to clean other homes.

So they come armed with a game plan. Before your cleaners walk through your front door, each team member already knows exactly what they have to do. They may even set time limits for themselves so that they must get through with their assigned tasks within a certain window of opportunity.

Professional cleaners are not only faster, but they also are more thorough. That's because they have to be!



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