A Salutary Bedroom

A Salutary Bedroom


A Salutary Bedroom

Don’t let your bedroom make you sick. Make the changes needed so it can be the healthy, relaxing retreat it was meant to be.

Choose natural materials such as wool, latex, cotton and kapok for mattresses, pilows and bedding. The best way to create a less toxic bedroom is to choose bedding made only from natural materials. Since you spend so much time in bed, it only makes sense that you want thee items to be as chemical-free as possible. Synthetic bed sheets may contain unhealthy chemicals such as formaldehyde, used as a treatment to prevent wrinkling. Natural sheets and blankets also feel better which can make it easier to get a restful night’s sleep. It’s also a good idea to use a natural mattress topper, particularly if you’re prone to allergies.

Colors can set a mood and trigger specific emotions. For the bedroom, choose shades like greens and pale blues to help calm and relax you as you drift off to sleep. Avoid hotter, more stimulating colors like bright yellows and oranges. Look for zero or low VOC paints. They’re just as durable as traditional paints but less harmful to you and the environment.

Window treatments are often overlooked when considering the impact interior finishes has on thebe overall health and air quality of a room. They can be a source of air pollution because as a textile they are often treated with a variety of chemicals, including finishing agents (lacquers and stains), fungicides, and U.V. protectors. Windows with direct light and more extreme temperature changes makes the chemical off gassing more probable. Ideally, choose curtains or blinds that are made with sustainable materials and free of chemical additives.

Replace carpeting with natural floors. Did you know that carpeting can emit up to forty different volatile organic compounds? The gases given off by carpeting have been associated with allergic symptoms as well as chronic headaches and fatigue. In one study, mice exposed to the fumes given off by carpeting experienced neurological symptoms, convulsions, and even paralysis. While it’s unlikely your bedroom carpeting is giving off high enough gas levels to cause these symptoms, it could contribute to allergies and headaches. It’s also unclear what long-term effects exposure to these fumes could have.

Other Tips And Tricks in Fort Lauderdale

A Salutary Bedroom

Lose those pillows: Sneeze-proof your bed with hypoallergenic casings on your pillows and mattress. And get rid of throw pillows, which can be a breeding ground for dust mites.

Kick off your shoes: Better yet, leave those kicks out of the bedroom altogether. They track in toxins from the outside world.

Less is more: Candles cast a sexy glow, but some can also emit irritating VOCs. Stick to just one or two that are 100 percent soy.

Time to unplug: Electronic devices can stress you out, interfere with sleep, and sabotage your sex life.

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