Cleaning Service Coral Springs: Leaving the Light On

orange wallOne question we frequently get from our clients is about lighting: Should the lights in the home or office be left lit for the cleaning crew? Or can they take care of turning the lights on and off themselves?

Some clients prefer to light up the whole house, possibly so that our cleaners can see into even the darkest corners while giving the home a thorough cleaning.

Light and Heat

What many clients don’t consider is that our cleaners usually will clean your lamps and other lighting fixtures. So if you leave them on at full blast for a period of time so the cleaners can see, they are going to be very hot.

A better plan is to leave lights and lamps off. That way they will be cool to the touch while they are cleaned.

Our cleaners will turn lights on and off as needed. Don’t worry: We will still get into the darkest corners to clean. After all, that’s our job!

Just Ask

If you aren’t sure what’s the best lighting options for your home, feel free to ask us at any time. We will be happy to talk about the best approach for your home.


It’s All in the Timing

Offices frequently keep their lights on timers to save electricity. That can sometimes be a problem for cleaning crews. It’s not unusual for all the lights to suddenly go off while they are cleaning an office or public areas.

The supervisor of the office cleaning crew usually will communicate to the facilities department when they will cleaning offices so that the lighting timers can be overridden. This can increase safety and ensure that the office gets cleaned efficiently.

Lighting is something most homeowners and office managers don’t think about all that much. But for professional cleaning crews, it can make all the difference.



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