Set Cleaning Schedules vs Fluid Cleaning Schedules

Set Cleaning Schedules vs Fluid Cleaning Schedules


All of Carvalho’s Cleaning clients are unique but most can be separated into two specific groups: Those who have a regular cleaning schedule and those who don’t.

The majority of our residential and commercial clients have set cleaning schedules. For houses, our cleaners typically will come at the same time every week or every two weeks. For businesses, our cleaners might arrive every night or every weeknight.

But for vacation homeowners and rental property owners, our cleaners might only be called out before or after guests arrive at the property. This is known as a fluid cleaning schedule.

Set Schedules

For most residential homeowners — meaning people who live in their Florida homes year-round — having a set cleaning schedule makes the most sense. When you know that your professional house cleaners are going to arrive at the same time every week or every other week you can plan the rest of your weekly schedule around it.

Some homeowners prefer to be on-site while Carvalho’s Cleaners are working in their home while others would prefer to be out of the house. Either way, a regularly scheduled cleaning time is most convenient.

For most commercial businesses, nightly cleaning is preferable. Our cleaners will come in after everybody has left and be gone by the time they return the next morning.

Cleaning Services Coral Springs FL — Fluid Schedules

Vacation homes and rental properties are less predictable. People who don’t visit their vacation homes in South Florida according to a set schedule don’t really need cleaning until right before they arrive and then again after they leave.

Similarly, rental property owners only need their units cleaned before and after the arrival of paying guests. And they can pass on the cleaning costs to their renters.

Whether you need regularly scheduled or occasional cleaning, Carvalho’s Cleaning has the professional home and commercial cleaners you can rely on for outstanding results.


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